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Hey, y’all and welcome to Southern Macabre! I’m Aeryn and today is Missing Persons Monday. Since it’s so dang cold in most of the south, I thought we would travel down to the Sunshine State, known for its citrus, Disney World, and the Golden Girls. I’m not going in any particular order with these cases and all of their pictures will be on our Facebook page like last week.

There are a lot of missing people in Florida, about 1,600. Obviously, I can’t talk about all of them in one episode, I wish I could. I chose eight cases where foul play is suspected and, at times, proven.

Several of these cases are old, but they still have family waiting for answers. I pray that each of these, and all of the cases I couldn’t cover, are solved.


Yessenia Ivette Suarez, twenty-eight years old, and her two children, nine-year-old Thalia Ivette and eight-year-old Michael Elijah Otto, were last seen on October 22, 2013. She had gotten into a fight with her husband, Luis Toledo, that day and took the kids to her mom’s.

It’s assumed that her husband, Luis Toledo, murdered Yessenia, Thalia, and Elijah that night. It is known that he murdered the three of them brutally and coerced a neighbor into helping him clean up the crime scene. He attempted to blame the neighbor for the three murders, but that didn’t go anywhere.

He is serving a life sentence for murdering his wife and two step-children, but refuses to tell anyone where he hid their bodies. The four of them lived in Deltona, Florida, about thirty minutes north of Orlando.

He may have sent a letter to a friend stating that he sent Yessenia’s body to Mexico, but didn’t hurt the children. However, he didn’t say where he may have sent them.

If you think you may know something, please call the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. (386) 254-1537


On August 20, 1974, Teresa Armanda Alfonso and Cynthia Gooding were dropped off at the Marathon Movie Theater in Marathon, Florida. They had planned to hitchhike to a party, but neither of them showed up. Teresa was twelve and Cynthia was sixteen.

If you think you may know something, call the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office at (305) 296-2424


Yalitza Garcia was last seen at work on July 2, 2009. She was twenty-four years old and lived in Deerfield Beach, in Southeastern Florida. When she didn’t show up for work on July 5th, her co-workers went to her apartment where her live-in boyfriend told them she wasn’t home. Her co-workers reported her missing on July 7th. Yalitza left all of her belongings in the apartment and her boyfriend used her credit and debit cards after she went missing.

Yalitza was living with her boyfriend, Jason Allen, their young son, and Jason’s mother. Yalitza had just deposited a $20,000 insurance settlement in her bank. Jason admitted to withdrawing $1,400 himself.

When police searched the apartment, they found a large amount of her blood in one room and evidence that someone had attempted to clean it. Her boyfriend was arrested and charged with first degree murder in May 2010. He was convicted of second-degree murder in 2013.

If you think you may know something, you should call Broward County Sheriff’s Office at (954) 321-4268


Susan Basile was only twelve years old when she was abducted by serial killer, Gerald Stano, on June 10, 1975. She had just gotten off her school bus and was walking up a long, deserted road to her house. She usually had a friend with her, but was alone this day.

Gerald claimed, in 1982, that he offered her a ride to the skating rink they both frequented and she climbed into his van. Once inside, he strangled her and dumped her body. Police looked in the area, but it has been built over.

If you think you know where he may have left her, please call the Port Orange Police Department at (386) 506-5894


Harry Lewis Israel would be about 108 years old now. He was 83 when he went missing on December 8, 1996 from his home in Pinellas Park. Pinellas Park is near Saint Petersburg on the Gulf of Mexico.

Mr. Harry ran a storage unit, Hanson Trailer Storage, adjacent to his home. He had evicted a tenant for nonpayment around the time he went missing. His neighbors became concerned because he never stayed out after dark or spent even one night away from his home. There was no sign of forced entry, nothing was missing, and his car was in the driveway.

His disappearance was deemed a homicide after police found his blood on a piece of carpet in his home.

If you think you may know something, please call the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office at (727) 582-6200


On August 17, 1996, Jefferson Blanton was found murdered inside his home in Myakka City, near Sarasota and home to the Sarasota Sea Lion Preserve. His live-in girlfriend, Linda Louise Fledderman, was missing and has never been found. Both of their trucks were parked nearby and Louise’s had her ID inside.

There were no indications of a struggle, the doors were locked, and nothing was missing. Linda had left her four-year-old son with her sister that night and didn’t return for him.

For years Linda was the primary suspect in Jefferson’s murder. The police tried to get a warrant for her arrest for murder, but there was insufficient evidence, so instead they got a warrant on the charge of deserting her child.

Louise and Jefferson had a troubled relationship and police were called out for domestic disturbances many times in the eight years they were together. Both of them drank excessively.

Jefferson was arrested once for assaulting Linda, but formal charges were never filed. Linda obtained a restraining order against him in 1993, but went back so it was dismissed.

Investigators began looking into the theory that Linda is actually innocent and may have met with foul play herself. She had a stable job as a technician at L-3 Aviation Records and was a good mother. According to those who knew her she would never stay out of contact with her family.

There was a man at the same bar on the same night named Larry James Parks who plead guilty to murder in 1999. He worked as a landscaper and he killed a woman and her two daughters. Then he sat nearby and watched police work the case. Police say they found his fingerprint in Linda’s car, but he has never been charged.

If you know anything, or simply think you might, please call the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office at (941) 747-3011.


Dallas Clifford Basham was murdered by John Edward Ballas on February 27, 1984 at around 10PM. It was two days after he was released from jail on theft charges, John Bellas plead guilty and said he struck Dallas on the head with a hammer, bound him with copper wire, and transported him to Burks Rd Area, north of Clear Lake in Dade City FL, 33525. He then buried him in a shallow grave in an orange grove. He attempted to show police where he buried Dallas, but was unable to find him again.

His reason was that he thought Dallas had “snitched” on him while he was in jail.

If you think you may know where Dallas is, please contact the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office at (800) 706-2488


I almost didn’t talk about this case because there aren’t any pictures of the man or much information. It broke my heart to the point that I felt I had to. I will keep looking for photos, but if you happen to be listening (or reading) please send me a picture so I can share it.

Matthew Petterson was beaten to death and two men charged claimed to have put his body in a landfill. He was 21-years-old when he went missing September 24, 2000. He was white, 5’8” tall, and weighed 130 pounds. He had strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.

If you think you may know something, contact Delray Beach Police Department at (561) 243-7888


Bryan Dos Santos-Gomes was a baby, just six weeks old, when he was kidnapped December 1, 2006. It has been fifteen years and he has still not been found.

Bryan’s mother, Maria de Fatima Ramos Dos Santos, and her friend, Janice Duarte, were waiting for a bus when a woman stopped and asked for directions. She then followed the bus until it stopped and the two women got off and she again asked for directions. She managed to convince them to get in her car and demanded $500.

The woman eventually dropped the two women off and told them to wait ten minutes before calling anyone. Then sped away with Bryan.

Maria and Bryan’s father, Jurandir Gomes Costa, are from a village in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Paid human traffickers helped them move to the United States, but both insisted that’s not why their son was taken. Bryan’s parents admitted to their illegal status and to owing hundreds of dollars to the smugglers, but denied that this could be the reason their child was taken.

Investigators now believe that this was a random crime and the perpetrator may have been looking for a baby after suffering a miscarriage.

Please call Fort Myers PD if you think you may know something. Their number is 877-667-1296


A family is still hoping for answers after forty-six years. Margie Lee Phillips was dropped off at First Federal Savings & Loan in Fort Myers on April 22, 1976 by her boyfriend, Willie Lee Battles. He says he fell asleep while she was in the bank and when he woke up, the bank was closed and she was gone. However, bank employees said they never saw her and there weren’t any transactions on her account that day. Also, witnesses reported seeing the couple in her car heading north on US-41 .

Investigators believe Battles murdered her, but they don’t have enough evidence to get a conviction.

You can call Crime Stoppers at (800) 780-TIPS and remain anonymous if you prefer.


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Yessenia Ivette Suarez – The Charley Project

Teresa Armanda Alfonso – The Charley Project

Yalitza Garcia – The Charley Project

Susan Basile – The Charley Project

Harry Lewis Israel – The Charley Project

Linda Louise Fledderman – The Charley Project

Bryan Dos Santos-Gomes – The Charley Project

The Doe Network: Case File 1949DFFL

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