Do You Know Any of This Serial Killer’s Victims?

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Hey, y’all, and welcome to Southern Macabre! My name’s Aeryn and I’m so glad you decided to listen today. Today’s Missing Person Monday is different because we are talking about victims of a serial killer who have never been found or haven’t been identified.

For those who don’t know, Samuel Little confessed to murdering 93 people all over the United States between 1970 and 2005! More than 60 of his confessions have been matched to victims through DNA evidence and/or extensively corroborated interviews.

Little had a photographic memory and could accurately describe his victims and where he met them. I will be reading Little’s descriptions of his victims and they’re not always flattering, but if he saw them that way others may have as well so I’m including it. I would never refer to a victim as ugly, fat, etc.

However, his dates and physical locations can be off by more than ten years and forty miles. Keep this in mind as I tell you about the victims who have still not been named and whose families still don’t have answers.

He was adamant that he never shot or stabbed his victims. He claimed that he strangled them, but prosecutors say it was more like suffocation because the hyoid bones weren’t fractured or broken. Multiple victims’ ​deaths were misclassified in autopsy reports and listed as drug overdoses or natural deaths.

All unmatched murders occurred between 1970 and 1997. If you have any information, please call the Texas Rangers or the FBI. Their numbers will be in the credits at the end of the transcript.


Due to the number of cases, I’m only going to talk about the ones from the south, but there are a lot in other states as well. Little drew pictures of many of his victims and they are on the Texas Department of Public Safety website. Just scroll down to Florida if you want to see the victim’s I talked about today. Or you can scroll the entire website.




We’re going to start with Little’s missing victims in Florida. The first victim was not using their legal name and may have used several names, which is why I put their name in italics on the blog and transcript.


In 1971 or 1972, Little claimed to have met an 18 or 19-year-old, good-looking, African American man in Miami. He said he was about 5’6” to 5’7” tall and weighed around 140 pounds. He said the man presented himself as a woman and was wearing women’s clothing. This individual asked Little to call them Marianne. Little first met Marianne at a bar called the Pool Palace near 17th Avenue in Miami, Florida.


Marianne allegedly told Little that they had an ex-boyfriend named Wes. Little said that Marianne lived with several other “drag queens” between Brownsville and Liberty City. When they arrived at the apartment, one of the roommates asked the two of them to pick him up a can of “Magic Shave” shaving cream. He was a transvestite with a long, hooked nose like a hawk. The roommates called this individual “Billy”.


The pair got back in Little’s gold four-door Pontiac and headed down Highway 27 until he pulled over in a driveway and choked Marianne to death in his car. He drove Marianne into the Everglades where he drug the body 200 yards into the thick muddy water. Little didn’t believe the body was ever found.


Later he stated Marianne hung out with a long-necked transvestite and he knew the person from the county jail. He claimed to have seen this person with Marianne at a bar on “Second Avenue”.




In 1971 to 1972 or 1978 to 1979, Little stated he met an, “ugly dark-skinned Haitian woman” in Miami. She was between 26 and 28 years old, between 5’6” and 5’8” tall, and weighed around 120/130 pounds.


Little described her hair as being in a knot-style, “platted up”, short, “kinda braided”, and “straight…stiff”.


He couldn’t remember if he picked her up walking the street or at a bar, but he was sure he met up with her in Homestead. Little described the woman as a “big mouth rough talking…little, black, skinny girl” and “not feminine, but just a hard-working woman.” He also said she was tough. He believed she was a civilian employee, possibly a janitor, at the Homestead Air Force base, but also worked as a prostitute.


Little said that he took her into the woods on base. He left her in some weeds near the main road and believed someone would have found her.




This African American woman was killed by Little in the early to mid-1970s. He described her as a “fine little pretty yellow girl” who was 23/24 years old, was 5’6” tall, and weighed 130 pounds. Little said that she was a prostitute who “had big legs” and wore a skirt with red heels.


He claims to have met her at Pool Palace on 17th Avenue in Miami, like Marianne. This woman had a University of Miami ID card and Little thought her name was Emily or something similar. He drove her down Highway 27 to a dirt road in the Everglades where there was trash, blankets, and mattresses laying along both sides of the road. Little claimed that he started fighting and wrestling with the woman and she hit him in the mouth. That’s when he snapped, hit her a few more times, and then strangled her to death.


Little dragged the woman out of his vehicle, onto a trash pile, and put a mattress over her body. He threw the woman’s purse/wallet into a nearby field with tall “elephant grass” in it.  He said a white man observed him discard the woman’s belongings, and he never heard of her body being found.




Little stated in the summertime of approximately 1984 (or possibly 1990 or 1991), he killed an African American woman in Fort Myers, Florida.  He described the woman as being 26 to 28 years old, between 5’ 6” and 5’ 7” tall, and weighing 130 to 160 pounds. He said she had dark brown skin and a nice body.  Little stated he first met this woman two years prior when he and “Jean”, his long-time companion, used to go to her family’s house.


Little believed the woman he killed was the daughter of the woman he and “Jean” used to sell clothes to.  The woman lived with her mother (and possibly other family members) down the street from a liquor store.  Little stated he and “Jean” were staying at a hotel downtown when they sold clothes to the woman’s family.  On the day he killed the woman, Little saw the African American woman outside of a liquor store on Nelson Street “with the shorts on and nice looking…clean and nice looking…”  He said she was “mad about her husband or somebody.”


He said that the woman got into his vehicle and he took off and found the first [grass] island he could find around there, wooded area, and he thought the railroad tracks were around there, by a little section of cleared grass. Little stated he had anal sex with the woman and then manually strangled her to death.  He stated he left the woman right there in the island with the woods right next to it. He stated that he was careful not to run over her,  just backed out real careful, and left her right there in Fort Meyers, Florida. In the county somewhere.  Little stated it was “not that far” from Fort Meyers, “right there, just out in the suburbs, it wasn’t that far.” 

Little later stated that he lit the woman’s pubic hair on fire. 


In approximately 1977 to 1978 (or possibly 1983 to 1984) Little met an approximately 23-year-old, 5’ 5” tall, 140 to 160 pound, short “chubby” African American woman in a bar in Clearwater or St. Petersburg, Florida.  He was driving a black Ford Thunderbird at the time.  Little stated the woman had a dark complexion (described her skin as “leather colored”) and was dancing in a bar when he met her.  He said she was wearing “some sexy shorts,” but wanted to go home and change. So, he drove to the woman’s residence so she could change clothes. 


When Little arrived at the woman’s residence, she took her shorts off and put on a black skirt. Little stated “about five of her little siblings, sisters and brothers come running out” yelling his name “Sam, Sam.”  The woman entered Little’s vehicle and he told her that he was going to “Lakeland.” 


He drove the woman to a beach, where he got his vehicle stuck in a barbed-wire fence and sand.  Little stated several “white boys” who were drinking beer helped get him out of the sand. 


Little drove the woman to a grassy/wooded area not far from the beach with railroad tracks nearby, possibly outside of Tampa heading to Plant City.  Little stated when driving, he first saw buildings, and then saw vegetation.  Little drove the woman to “an island of grass, round, with a curb around it.” Little stated he “found this grassy lane…some grass and woods back over there…and we parked…I know there was a railroad track that run across this one…cause I’m looking right at the train go by. I waved when he went by.” 


Little stated he dumped the woman “right there on the spot… by a railroad track, outside of Tampa heading toward Plant City.”  Little stated the woman was wearing “that bad…tight mini-skirt, and a blouse, and left her [underwear] in the car.” He started to keep them for a trophy. Little strangled the woman then left her body near railroad tracks, on the grass, out in the open.  Little believed this area was in the city limits of Tampa, possibly within a mile of downtown. Little stated that after he killed the woman, “I backed up and hit the highway.” He said that he drove through Plant City and arrived in Lakeland.

Little also stated when he discarded her body that she had a skirt on “but it was way up over her waist, I think she still had her blouse on, think she was fully clothed, but I might have had her [underwear] off.” He said that he drug the woman by her arms.  He believed he left the woman lying on her back with her arms up over her head. 

He said that he left this woman in the city limits of Tampa, possibly within a mile of downtown. Little stated he drove one to three miles from the beach to a wooded area in Tampa.  Little stated there were railroad tracks near the wooded area.  Little stated he could “hear the train” from the location he discarded the woman’s body. 


That’s all of Little’s unidentified victims in Florida, so now we’re going to head north to Georgia. The first unidentified victim was in Savannah around 1974. She was between 19 and 23 years old, 5’5” to 5’6” tall, and weighed between 140 to 150 pounds. Little described her as “thick with big thighs, dark skinned, and a pretty face”. He believed she was originally from Savannah and that she may have had mental problems. 

Little met the African American woman at a restaurant in Savannah and she brought him to her house in a neighborhood near the Salvation Army, where she lived with a 40-year-old female that “chewed snuff”. The woman lived in the upstairs of a two-story residence, and Little spent the night there with her.  She showed him pictures of herself and another man near a pier and on a boat.

The next day, he drove the woman to a park.  He referred to the area as an “island, with roads on both sides.” Little stated he had sex with the woman and choked her in his vehicle. He stated the woman was dazed but did not die.  He then walked the naked woman into the park/ grassy area and choked her while she was standing.  Then she became dizzy and fell to the ground. He stated “smoke” was coming off the woman’s body.  This, to me, sounds like it was cold out at the time. Steam usually forms when hot meets cold, like your breath on a cold morning or night. He immediately left and drove around the park. 

When Little returned to where he left the woman’s body there was a red car there, possibly a police vehicle. He said he wasn’t sure whether he killed the woman or not.  He stated she called him “Cain” or “Kane.” He thought her name was “Katherine,” “Kat,” or “Jane.”  He may have bitten her.


In approximately 1981, Little stated he killed a woman in Atlanta, Georgia.  He described the woman as an African American female with “mahogany” skin the color of “leather.”  She was in her late twenties to late thirties, stood approximately 5’ 6” to 5’ 9” tall, weighed 130-160 pounds, and wore “shorts made to look like a dress.” For those too young to know, those were called culottes and they were very popular back in the day.

He danced with the woman in a bar on Auburn Avenue, and he believed she was having problems with her boyfriend.  She agreed to leave with him, but didn’t want anyone to see them leaving together. 

He went out to his vehicle, a 1967 Lincoln Mark III, and a few minutes later, she came over to his car and sat on the front right fender and began crying.  She eventually got into his car, after she looked around to make sure no one saw her get in. Then she laid down so no one could see her.  She directed him to I-75 and he headed south into the county. 

Little didn’t think he drove very far before exiting the highway onto a side street that was under construction.  He described the road as “wide but lonesome…there wasn’t no houses, nothing but trees on the road, right off the highway.”  He followed the road until it dead ended and then parked in an area with woods on both sides of the road.  

Little stated he choked the woman and that she defecated all over herself and inside his vehicle.  Once he was sure she was dead, he carried her body across the street and laid her down in the grass about ten feet into the woods.  He said that he left her clothes on and her eyes closed “like she was asleep.” 

He then went back to his hotel and used a bucket of soapy water to clean out his car.  The manager of the hotel was wearing an Atlanta Falcons hat and approached him to ask what he was doing. Little said he thought he got disinfectant from the man.


Around 1984, Little killed another woman in Atlanta, Georgia. At this time he was driving a big, green station wagon. She  was African American, approximately 22-25 years old, “slim and tall,” standing 5’ 9” tall and weighing 120-130 pounds.  He met her at a quiet bar on the corner of Auburn Street in Atlanta.  He remembered when he entered the bar, she was sitting in a booth. 

He thought the woman told him she went to college and was angry because something had happened in college. After he had murdered her, he went through her wallet and found her student ID for what he thought was Morehouse College. 

He “made a date” with the woman, and they left the bar and hit the highway “way out” until he exited onto a little dirt road surrounded by canals.  He strangled her in his car, but then his vehicle would not start.  He said that a “white boy in a hot rod” gave him a jump start, then he drove a long way down a side road next to the main highway.  The road led into the woods, ran adjacent to a canal, and was so narrow that two could barely go past each other.  There weren’t any houses in that area at the time. 

He placed the woman’s body in the canal, and he thought she fell into the water.  Little said, “it wasn’t like she was floating down the river, she hung up on something down there, they probably seen her the next day.”  Little believed she was still wearing her dress and that he threw her “boxy” purse into the water with her.


Next, we’ll head west to Louisiana. There are only two victims here who have not been identified.

Little killed an African American woman in Monroe, Louisiana sometime after 1987.  He had taken a Greyhound bus into town and stayed at a shelter downtown for two or three days. 

He stole meat from a supermarket in Monroe and sold it in an area the locals called “the embankment.”  This area was across the street from a large graveyard and near some railroad tracks.  He described the woman as being 20-24 years old, standing 5’ 6” – 5’ 10” tall, weighing between 150 and 160 pounds, and being “yellow” or light-complected.

He said the woman was a prostitute who worked for a madam named “Mammy Wae.”  He took the woman to a hotel where she signed her name on the hotel registry for either room number 8 or 9. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember her name.

The next day he convinced her to go with him into a wooden shack/garage across the street from a McDonald’s and just down from the big graveyard.  He said the garage was near a bus stop, and approximately one mile from the bus station that was located in the county on the outskirts of town.  The garage was locked, so they had to crawl through a dog door to get in. 

Inside the garage were paint supplies, ladders, and tools.  Little stated he strangled the woman to death and left her body inside the shed.  He said that he left the woman’s body on the floor of the garage between several ladders, and “bit her” causing her to bleed. 

A day or two after he killed the woman, he saw yellow crime scene tape around the garage, so he immediately headed out of town.  When he returned to Monroe a long time after, he noticed the garage had been torn down and the area was now a vacant lot.  He stated they were in the process of tearing down a lot of buildings, but the McDonalds was still there.


In approximately 1982, possibly in the autumn, Little met an African American woman in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He described the woman as approximately 30-40 years-old, 5’ 8” – 5’ 9” tall, weighing 160 pounds, having “honey-colored” brown skin and medium-length straight hair.  She was wearing a “pretty dress” with buttons in the front. 

Little met the woman in a club where she was attending a birthday party with a friend who he described as a small, light-skinned “Creole girl.”   While at the club, he met the woman’s sister (she may have had more than one) and several of her friends.  He remembered that while dancing with his victim, he saw her sister dancing with another man.  The sister left the party with a man at the same time he left with the woman in his vehicle, a Lincoln Continental Mark III. She told Little she lived with her mother, who was sickly and possibly an invalid.  She then gave him the keys to her house. 

He drove her to the “Little Woods” exit where he turned down a dirt road along a canal that was being cleaned out with heavy equipment.  The couple exited his car and he pulled her towards the canal.  There, he held her face-down in the water, choking her while sitting on top of her back. 

Then he left her body there with her head in the water and her body on the water’s edge.  She was still wearing her dress, but it was pulled up. 

Immediately after killing the woman, he drove back to his motel off of U.S. Highway 90 in Pascagoula, Mississippi.  Shortly after, he realized that he still had the woman’s keys, so he threw them on top of his motel.


Between 1980 and 1984, or possibly the late 1970s, Little met a “pretty, dark skinned” woman at a bar in Gulfport, Mississippi about two blocks from Highway 49. At this time he was driving a black Ford Thunderbird.

The woman was between 22 and 25 years old, she was “short but wide with pretty legs [and a] pretty body” who was between 5’3” to 5’5” tall, and weighed 120-130 pounds. Little said that she was soft spoken, “sophisticated”, “clean, and intelligent looking” with a “beautiful personality”.

While he was parked outside, the woman approached his car and asked if she could get in. He thought she had argued with her boyfriend because she was angry. Once inside his car, she asked him if he would take her to get something to eat, so he drove to a restaurant on Highway 49 and bought her dinner.

Afterward, he drove down Pass Road toward Biloxi. When they got to the Jitney Jungle supermarket, he made a right toward the ocean. If you’re not from Mississippi, Jitney Jungle was a supermarket that started in Jackson, MS way back in 1919. They went bankrupt in 1999 and Winn-Dixie bought them out.

Anyway, then Little drove a few blocks until he came to an isolated area where the grass was cut low, possibly a park. He strangled her there in his car and drug her to “an island of grass encased in concrete.

Little said that she carried a butcher knife that fell out in his car. He put it point-down in the ground beside her until it disappeared. He believed she was wearing a blouse and a skirt.


There is only one unknown victim in Mississippi and this is the only one not recognized in South Carolina. She was killed by Little in Charleston either between 1972-1973 or 1977-1982. He had his black T-bird still and he described the African American woman as having a large “bubble butt”. He picked her up near the military base, possibly at Gate 7 where there were a couple of bars. She was 28 years old, 5’5” to5’6” tall, and 150 pounds.

He drove her south on a road close to the city, possibly Highway 1, to a field with a concrete or an asphalt circle around it. It may have been a helicopter landing pad. He thought there was an abandoned hospital next to it.

He strangled her and drug her to the tall grass near the pad. He left her face down with her dress pulled up.


This is our final story for today. In January of 1975, Little met an African American woman in Knoxville, Tennessee. He said she was 25 years old, about 5’5” or 5’6” tall, and weighed between 120 and 130 pounds. She was “medium sized” with “golden colored skin” and short “non-afro” style hair.

He met her in a neighborhood, near or at a graveyard. Possibly around 4th Avenue. He drove her to a road that ran around a deep gully that was overgrown with trees and weeds. There may have been old refrigerators, stoves, and other trash as well. This sounds like a landfill to me. He thought it was within half a mile of Vine Street. He strangled her and rolled her body into the hole. He thought she was wearing pants and a blouse.


As I said at the beginning, Little drew pictures of many of his victims and they can be seen at the link in the description. That’s also where you can find the contact information for the proper authorities if you recognize any of these stories or if you look at the pictures and think you recognize one of the victims.


Well, y’all, that’s going to do it for today. If you enjoyed today’s episode, be sure to like, follow, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts

I appreciate each and every one of you and I can’t wait to tell you a true ghost story on Wednesday. My teenaged son will be joining me so you won’t want to miss it. I hope y’all have a wonderful, safe week. Talk to y’all later!




Texas Rangers or 1-512-424-2160


FBI 1-800-CALL-FBI or


New Details Released in Unsolved Samuel Little Murders | Department of Public Safety (

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