When True Crime Meets Paranormal

Southern Macabre

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Hey, y’all and welcome to Southern Macabre! I’m Aeryn and today I have a very special guest joining me. I’ll let him introduce himself and today’s free sponsor. [Remy introduces himself and ItsRemyTime on YouTube]


My husband and I bought our first piece of land and our first home shortly after our first child was born. Our credit was horrible and we didn’t have a lot of money, so my parents helped us with a small loan. I found a 1986 trailer with two bedrooms and a bathroom in our price range, but it had to be moved. It took weeks, but we bought a half-acre of land exactly where we wanted to be, the middle of nowhere.

We got the trailer moved and setup on our land, but we were responsible for hooking up the electricity and water, which took months. It seemed like everything was working against and we couldn’t figure out why. We both got an uneasy feeling from the trailer at the beginning, but we had already paid for it and I felt anything was better as long as we were in our own home.

One Saturday when my husband was running the electrical from the pole to the trailer, I was inside “piddlin’”. Remy was with his grandparents. I went outside to check on Hubby and he was not in a good mood! I happened to notice a little metal plate on the side of the trailer and the build date was ten years prior to when the seller said it was built.

For those wondering, our state doesn’t require titles once a vehicle or trailer reaches a certain age. The trailer was supposed to be a 1986 so we just got a bill of sale. Instead it was a 1976 which meant the electrical in the walls was old and the insulation had fallen down into the walls.

We called the seller and a lawyer, but we were basically told that if we wanted to fight and sell the trailer back we could. The problem was we may never get our money back and we would have to live with family again. We love them, but that wasn’t working for any of us.

It took five months, but we were finally able to move in.

The trailer ran north to south so all of the windows faced east and should have provided tons of natural light, which they did. Except the “master bedroom” at the back. It stayed dark no matter how bright the sun shone and required the light be turned on during the day. Weird and unexplainable considering there were no large trees or bushes around the trailer.

Also, the closet in our room gave me the creeps, I felt like someone was hiding in there, so it stayed empty with the door closed. Or at least I tried to keep it closed. It seemed like every time I closed it and left the room, it was open again. Adding to its creepiness.


So, we moved into the trailer in March of 2008 and we were excited to be in our own place, but we already had a bad taste in our mouths over this trailer. Not long after we moved in, I literally fell through the kitchen floor because the seller put new linoleum over a rotted subfloor.

This was when my husband learned how to build from a good friend who helped him put in a brand new, solid subfloor. Then I got to pick out new flooring, which was awesome. This was when I started to love our little place.

We had a dog at the time, a rescued mutt named Ronnie. He was my child for three years until Remy came along so in 2008 he was only four. He loved going outside to play with the neighbor’s dog, but he didn’t like the trailer much.

He was about 25 pounds and loved to run up or down the hallway and slam into us, causing us to fall. He didn’t do this to Remy, just me and Hubby. He would also trip us to get to Remy if he so much as whimpered. He rarely left his side and would wake him when he was sleeping, like he was making sure he was okay.

Ronnie died in June of that year because of a freak accident.

Not long after we buried him out back, I was going to the master bedroom and I felt him slam into me! Of course, I hollered at him, then I remembered he was gone. I sat in the floor and cried. This happened a lot!

After Ronnie was gone, it seemed like the trailer became “active”. Hubby and I would stay up late watching TV and we would see shadows in the hallway. Sometimes we would hear small footsteps, but never saw anyone. Remy would be in bed asleep.

Remy had this walk behind toy that played music when you hit the buttons. After he went to bed, almost every night, it would light up and start playing music. We took the batteries out and it still happened, but only at night. That is, until Hubby buried it out back.

I think it was around this time that my idiot self decided to try something. I was alone in the master bedroom and I said out loud, “What happened to you?”

I didn’t hear anything, but I felt a cold, metal circle pressed to my forehead and a second later the back of my head hurt unlike anything I have ever felt. I never asked any more questions.


In 2009, my husband was bored at work so he logged into the work computer to watch YouTube. For some reason he clicked on an article about the FBI’s top ten most wanted. He was scrolling through pictures when one stood out to him, so he clicked on the photograph.

The man had murdered three women in a trailer in the small town where we bought the trailer. When? 1986! Remember when I said we were told the trailer was a 1986, but it was actually a 1976? That stood out to him so he told me about it.

I found a newspaper article from 1986 and there was our trailer on the front page with the headline, “Triple Homicide Saturday Night” or something like that. I started shaking. These three women were shot to death by their friend so he could steal their car. He has never been found; in case you’re wondering.

It seemed like all my husband and I did was fight after this and that fueled the ghosts. We saw more shadows, heard more weird noises, and our stuff started getting moved. I left with Remy and didn’t plan on coming back.

Hubby decided that he would remodel the trailer while I was gone, thinking that may get me to change my mind and come back. He tore up the carpet first and y’all won’t believe what he found in our bedroom. The carpet from 1986 was under cardboard under the brand-new carpet.

It was an ugly yellow shag carpet with brownish copper stains. One of them was huge! Can you guess what it was? Blood! Old blood. It was right under our window and looked like the victim had fallen out of our closet, the one I refused to go in.

When he took down the closet walls, he found a small bullet hole in the wall inside the closet that lined up with the blood. I promise y’all, it was the exact size of what I felt pressed on my forehead!


Once the trailer was gutted, I went home to finish the remodel. It felt lighter at first and it seemed like it was going to be fine. We put down new linoleum throughout and bought some new furniture to make it feel like home.


A few months later, things got worse. Instead of shadows and noises, the three of us started having nightmares. I’m talking sitting up in the bed screaming nightmares! All three of us. Remy, do you remember that?

So, at this point, we wanted out. An awesome neighbor gave us a house that had to be tore down in exchange for us visiting her church. Not a bad trade, am I right? It was even better because we loved the little church and the ten people who went there.

The house was huge, but it was built in the late 1700s into the 1800s was the wood was hard. Hubby was having to replace circular blades almost every day! This meant that we didn’t get as much building material as we would have liked, but he was happy because he wanted a tiny house.

It didn’t take long to finish the 12 foot by 12 foot house with a loft and I loved it! It was super cute and it wasn’t haunted. The nightmares stopped immediately, even though we were right behind the trailer. I guess they couldn’t leave?

The size was fine because we couldn’t get pregnant or, the two times we did, I miscarried as soon as I found out. Do I blame trailer? Yup. At least the stress it caused.

We were barely in our new house when our new pastor decided to retire from one of the two churches he was preaching at. He and his wife were raising their grandchildren so we decided to let them live in the trailer for free.


Of course, they knew what we had gone through so they knew what to expect. It was soo much worse!

Kevin, our preacher, was epileptic, but he started having more seizures. Liz said that she would rebuke the spirits, but it didn’t work. This was when we started questioning them.

Then their daughter, Jess, moved in. She was in her twenties, but wore all black and always wore a five-pointed star bracelet. I asked about it once and she said it was for protection, but she denied being anything other than a Christian. You know that polite Southern smile and nod? That’s what I did.

A few weeks later we noticed the inside of the trailer was darker and Kevin was complaining about weird swirly portals in the walls. It turns out that their daughter had taken a Ouijia board into the back bedroom and made contact with something.

Liz hung crosses over all of the doorways and Kevin blessed the trailer, but things were getting worse. He quit preaching and they moved about a month later.


They lived in the trailer for about six months which was enough time for me to get tired of climbing a ladder to get into bed. We moved back in and the trailer actually felt lighter, if that makes sense. I thought that the blessing had worked.



It didn’t take long for the nightmares to come back, but that wasn’t the worst part. We had three cats. Charlotte looks like a grey Siamese, Bonnie was a grey long-haired kitty, and Elvira was black with a white spot.

The first time I saw the new black cat, it ran down the hall and disappeared. I assumed it was Elvira because that beat the alternative. I saw it several times out of the corner of my eye and I asked Hubby if he saw it. He thought I was crazy!

Until he was looking for his shoes under our bed and saw two golden glowing eyes staring back at him. It was the black cat! He called it Elvira, but it vanished right in front of him!

The worst instance was when I was washing dishes in the afternoon. That was the weirdest part, we never saw this thing at night – only during the day! I had finished washing dishes and I saw Elvira sitting on the dining room table, which was in the kitchen, and decided to pet her. Mainly to make sure that it was Elvira. When I turned around, there was the second black cat staring into the living room!

This was the only time I ever got to study it. It was solid, like a real cat, not wispy or anything. After a moment, it turned and saw me staring. Its eyes got huge, y’all, and they were a weird shade of yellowish gold. It jumped up and ran through the living room wall into Remy’s room. I ran outside and sat on the front porch, shaking my head and saying, “Nope!” over and over again.


We decided to sell the trailer when it started messing with Remy. He was asleep in his bed when scratching on his bedroom window woke him. He looked outside and saw a man-sized bush with glowing eyes staring back at him. We didn’t have bushes or trees anywhere near the trailer! He peed his pants and ran to our room where he proceeded to bang on our door, but we didn’t hear him.

Hubby woke up and ran when he heard Remy sobbing in the living room. He told him what he saw and we decided it was time to get rid of the trailer and do something else. The problem was that we wanted to tell a buyer about the ghosts, but then we would probably never get rid of it.


The next day I was helping our neighbor clean when she told me her cousin was about ready to fall through the floor in her trailer. My friend was concerned because her cousin was 70 years old and legally blind and deaf. My husband and I justified our decision to gift our trailer to her with, “she probably won’t hear or see the ghosts anyway”. We weren’t that lucky.

This lady claimed to see a shadow man on the other end of our trailer and heard him calling her name, but it didn’t bother her. It turns out that she was lonely living by herself and she befriended the spirits. This made her cousin happy because it meant she didn’t bother her so much, but she didn’t believe her about the ghosts.

She never mentioned the cat or the creepy plant man. I don’t know why she never had any issues, but I am grateful. I have often wondered if it was because one of the victims was older and didn’t want to scare her.


That’s going to do it for today. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to like, follow, and leave us a review on Goodpods and/or Apple Podcasts. Also be sure to visit ItsRemyTime on YouTube and like and subscribe there.

I appreciate y’all listening and I will talk to y’all again Friday! Have a great week and stay safe.


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