Have Southerners Seen UFOs?

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Hey, y’all, and welcome to Southern Macabre! I’m Aeryn and I am so glad that you could join me for Paranormal Wednesday. Today we’re going to go out into left field a bit and talk about Unidentified Flying Objects. Do I think UFOs exist? Meh. It’s not outside the realm of possibilities, in my opinion. Am I going to visit Area 51 or go out looking for them? Nope.

The first thing I did when I began researching this topic is make sure that I’m correct in my assumption that there are many UFO sightings in the south. There are a lot according to a map that you will find in the description, so I decided to pursue this subject as it does interest me. Especially after my son and husband saw a strange light in the sky near our home a few weeks ago. Do I think it was aliens? No. Is Remy convinced it was aliens? Yup.

You may be wondering which southern states have had UFO sightings. To put it simply, all of them. We southerners tend to prefer spending time in the middle of nowhere with a clear view of the sky while drinking beer, listening to music, and chillin’ with our friends. That’s when we tend to see stuff shoot across the sky. Although, in my husband and son’s case, no alcohol was involved. They just happened to see a blue or red light (they each saw something different in the same spot at the same time).

Stacker.com ranked states from 51 to 1 based on how many reports the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) has received from that state. So I’ll tell you where each state down here ranked and then I’ll tell you a couple of stories that I found interesting.

Mississippi is # 41 with 537 sightings. #38 is Louisiana with 763 sightings. Alabama is #32 with 962 sightings. #26 is Kentucky with 1,160 sightings. Tennessee is #22 with 1,556 sightings. #20 is South Carolina with 1,759 sightings. Virginia is #16 with 1,913 sightings. Georgia comes in right behind it with 1,952 sightings. Coming up in tenth place is North Carolina with 2,629 sightings. Texas is #4 with 3,848 sightings. In the #2 spot is Florida with a whopping 5,826 sightings. 

Do me a favor and tell me which one was the most shocking to you in the comments section on the blog. For me, it was the sheer number of sightings in Florida. Then again, it’s Florida. You have military bases, swamps, and large amounts of alcohol. Someone’s bound to see something, right?

Charles Hickman and Calvin Parker were fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi way back in 1975 when they said they were abducted by aliens. They saw a bright blue light on the water and thought it was police. Three aliens without legs injected them with a sedative, abducted them, and performed physical exams on them before returning them to the river’s edge. In 2019, three witnesses came forward saying that they saw the whole thing.

The Abita Mystery House in Abita Springs, Louisiana has a UFO crash site.

Back in 1989 in Fyffe, Alabama, a woman reported seeing a UFO flying in total silence. Police followed up and say that they also saw the ship. This led to 4,000 people visiting in hopes of seeing it, but no one saw anything because it was cloudy.

Kelly Little Green Men Days Festival commemorates the August 21, 1955 invasion on the farm of Elmer Sutton. Five adults and seven children showed up at the Hopkinsville, Kentucky Police Department saying that small alien creatures came out of a spaceship and were attacking their farmhouse. Two adults claimed that they had shot at twelve to fifteen short figures for two hours. The festival is held in Kelly, Kentucky if you want to check it out.

In Tennessee, five people from Knoxville, Cleveland, Kingston, Coalfield, and Murfreesboro reported seeing a fireball and flashing lights in the sky for ten seconds on March 29, 2019. 

Jimmy Carter was governor of Georgia when he reported in 1973 that he had seen a UFO back in 1969. Georgia had its own version of Area 51 in that decade just north of Atlanta.

A story from Florida amused me. Two reported incidents turned out to be a butterfly traveling over a swamp.

So, do you believe in UFOs? Has today’s episode changed your mind at all? I found this a lot more interesting to research than I thought I would, to be honest. I’m still not convinced that aliens are real, but I do find people’s encounters interesting. Especially when it turns out to be a butterfly of all things!

As always, I think almost anything is possible and while I remain a skeptic when it comes to this kind of thing, I can respect those of you who do believe. I still stand by what I said before, I never want to be proven wrong. I wasn’t a big fan of Signs or Mars Attacks (okay, Mars Attacks was hilarious) so I don’t want to see anything like that personally.

Maybe if I met an alien like Paul from the movie with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost I’d be okay. You know, just sit back with a cold beer and talk. That wouldn’t freak me out too bad, I don’t think.

That’s going to do it for today, y’all. I hope you enjoyed today’s episode. If you did, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts or Goodpods, follow where you listen so you never miss an episode, and tell your friends. Friday’s episode is going to be about the nation’s first serial killers and they were pure evil so you may not want your kids to listen. Or you can read the transcript and make up your mind from that.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or email me at Aeryn@Southern-Macabre.com.

Thank you so much for listening today – I love and appreciate you. Y’all are truly awesome! I hope y’all have a wonderful rest of your week and I can’t wait to talk to y’all again Friday. God bless, y’all!





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